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topdog707Server reopening on June... Sorry for the wait things been going on.
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creeper3green   Take your time add me on skype --> creepsthegreen
AbdAlAli123   Yay my birthday is on june2!
AbdAlAli123   hey top, i'm new more mature <3
boomadi02   created a new thread Wassup! in the General Discussion forum
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UserDude be nice to diamonds32 he my friend!!!
User   Guys My server isdone and redy to play. Factions is always up and so is kit pvp. Now the other servers are being fixed atm. So guys please help me get more people on my server. So please help me. IP:[link]
User   hey Guys If you want me to host the server i can, I have a realy great conputor with 25 gb of ram and 1000 for backup and 500 for storage. Please Let me have the server so it can be up all the time!
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AbdAlAli123It was on a minute ago and it closed.
Santizo707its fixed let me know if anything else is bad
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