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at least legos making a effort
btw my time is different to you guys. here it is 2:04 pm
not every one can get on the one day u open it. have it open for a week or something
guys we know no one comes on. but every one else has lives aswell.
i open it no one shows up
legowelder1Well guys im sorry top but Not trying to tick you off, or piss you off but i think it will be better for once my server is done withc its 95% done, Everyone on this server should go to my server its up all the time, with minigames, and also top and santizo i will put you guys in rank V.I.P Okay :d
legowelder1Top you are welcome on my server and so is everyone els, but top if I ever see u or sanitizo I'll be Shute to rank you guys to v.i.p

Also I just finished making my youtube channel and my enjin site so anyone is welcome to join, and top when your server is up I'll try as hard as I can to help you get people on it, and if you need help changing your server IP for free I can help, anything els just ask me I'm here to help you. I'm also trying to finish my server and posting/advertising it when 1.8 comes out witch will be in June or May.
topdog707If i turn on the server no one will go on
livincheese   well when the server was on last night me and pman were on.
creeper3green   I was on to
creeper3greenUm If anyone wants to be in a big youtuber hunger games coming up on the first of April just ask me 10 of my friends are doing it.I`ll gladly add more people to the hunger games youtuber special an if you wanna check out my channel its Creeper3Green And Maybe even subscribes to my channel :) Thanks if you do :)
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livincheese   creep,im in
CrowJake   creep I will Skype you in a youtube vid :3
creeper3green   I`m moving it to next week or the week after that I had school and a lot of work to do for spring break sorry all but it will happen :)
CrowJakeHave you guys noticed on Bing! if you type the letter g it comes up with like anything from google xD
legowelder1Guys I'm sorry that I posted my server IP I just thought that people would like a server that is up all the time,because top no hard feelings but the server has fallen ;( put it up much more mine once done will be up all the time with buy able ranks mini games (a lot) factions and so much more!!! U see I help people with factions, and if they want a plugin I'll get it, u need to respect people that join. Make it look like u acoly know what to do. Because top, that server was atom u need to bring it back :)
legowelder1   Awesome
topdog707   i'll try to have it up today
topdog707Guys when we open the server no one comes on... we want the server to be open this spring break but no one is showing up.
creeper3greenYes top is right stop posting fucking ips of your faggots ass servers it's not cool
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topdog707People who are posting ip's are just asking for a ban a perma ban anyways guys i don't know when the server will be on it's just you know sorta like a server for the summer but you know i'll try to get it on today any ways guys what i've been doing is playing on steam sorry for the server being down [link]
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