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topdog707Hey everyone, now as you know the server may come back up in summer which I'll try to get in touch with Santizo about any who I'm getting a little excited and decided to visit the site and check it out I made another YT channel nothing to do with the server just videos for fun but. I'll ask Santizo about the server today when we can get it on anyways just updating everyone and if you wanted to check out my new channel just click this URL:[link]
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AbdAlAli123   so??
Diamonds32   Wut
IFryUrPvP   Any updates
xStarAngel   created a new thread OMG! OMG! OMG! in the General Discussion forum
JeDi Q-Up   registered to World War III
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oskawan   created a new thread Applying for Mod/Admin in the General Discussion forum
topdog707Ah. Summer the fun time of the year when you game and sweat like a dog
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AbdAlAli123   hey
oskawan   Topdog is there a new Ip For The Server?
IFryUrPvP   registered to World War III
oskawan   Has it got A new IP because Its Not Working For me
World War III has reached a new record of 50 registered users today!
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topdog707Server reopening on June... Sorry for the wait things been going on.
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IFryUrPvP   Hey I'm Abd!
oskawan   Plz Bring it forwards i cant wait to go on!!! start it now plz
Topdog do you remember me Abd Do you remember me
CrowJake   Took long enough :)
xStarAngel   created a new thread Wassup! in the General Discussion forum
ngocxlaajc   registered to World War III
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